Backwater Zoo – The Temperance Movement

In court, if I were accused of abusing my position as Steve from SteveForTheDeaf to push one band on people disproportionately above their standing in the rock scene (After being arrested by the Glam Rock Cops), I’d have to plead guilty when it comes to The Temperance Movement.

I know they will never be the hugest band in the world. I know they are already kinda old for a new band (third album was released back in Feb) and I know the music they make is seen as retro by many (or classic by their fans) but I can’t help it. I really love the bands The Temperance Movement love. I love classic pop focused rock and I love every release these guys put out as it feels equal and honest when played along side Bad Company, The Faces, Rival Sons, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and vintage Elton John.

A Deeper Cut was an early contender for my favourite album of 2018. I have played the arse out of this record. I’ve seen them a couple of times on stages of varying sizes and I have witnessed the wider worlds indifference to what I consider one of the finest bands working today.

So I’m righting a wrong with this one. In previous posts I’d already featured A Deeper Cut’s lead single Caught In The Middle and their cover of Houses Of The Holy from back around one Record Store Day Past and their Battle Of Britpop reenactment release of Blurs Tender and Oasis Up In The Sky. They’ve already had the title track of the second album White Bear featured too and yet, at the end of 2018 I look back over my posts and think ‘Man there is not enough Glaswegian Blues Rock on this site to be right’.

So here it is. From the one of albums I loved the most in 2018. The stand out track when they played it live on their ‘Small Rooms and New Tunes’ tour and from the festivals and theaters I’ve seen them do a Stillwater in and bring back 70’s rock like it’s a new thing.

The Movement’s ode to Glasgow on a Saturday Night : Backwater Zoo

Happy New Year!

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