Back From The Dead – Halestorm

Horns up Kids! The forecast is stormy. Halestorm-y. Dancing in it, is to be endorsed.

If you’ve ever had your arse kicked, your lights dimmed and your hope stolen by the workings of your own brain, then Lzzy has a song shaped ladder for you to climb yourself out from that particular pit o’ snakes.

Mental health champion and Metal Health Warrior Queen Lzzy Hale is back with her band in full effect and firing on all cylinders. In recent times we’ve only had covers and reworking of existing stuff to get fans of the band through the ‘Rona. I say that like it’s not all received as bounty. Of course it is. Why, it was but a New Rock Minute ago I was dancing on the spot like I was six people back in the queue for the loo at a festival and raving about their cover of The Who’s The Kids Are Alright era classic Long Live Rock. Covers are all well and fab. Do overs too. Break In with Amy Lee of Evanescence was quite the thing of beauty.

Some fans did begin to worry though. While hardly Belshazzar’s Feast level of tease, an ominous tombstone image on the bands socials started rumours of a farewell tour or a break up announcement. Others duly noted a Pretty Reckless vibe (Taylor Momsen is cosplaying Live After Death Eddie on the cover of their latest album). It’s all good though. Rock and Rollers hanging out in graveyards is nuthin’ new. Just ask da Ramones, Lucifer, Maiden themselves and all those girls with immaculate eyeliner and black lace parasols (bless ‘em).

Turns out there’s a new album on the horizon line. As the clouds clear you can work out that if it sounds like this sort of thing it is going to ‘Do things’ for boys and girls of a certain bent. I cannot wait. 2022 can’t come quick enough.

So what’s the track like? It’s bloody marvellous! A power drop and a “I’m back from the dead!” overture is all it takes… and we’re into classic ‘Storm sounding bombast. Metal guitars, melodic bridge, fist pumping chorus. At the risk of sounding like I say the same thing in every big rock song review, this is a song you want to hear in a room full of people. All facing the lights and smoke and chanting along. And the solo is perfect. As ever. Take your bow Mr Hottinger.

The 21st century’s greatest rock star voice hollering “I’m baaaaacccckkk!” at you while you open the car windows and crank the volume might have to do for now, as shows and schedules do battle with infection rates and cancellations akimbo. In the war on the virus the rock and roll front line is taking a battering right now. The scene might be down. But we are not out.

Reports are all good. Hale is expected. Hard hat and dancing shoes are advised.


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