Break In – Halestorm (feat. Amy Lee)

To somehow bring Mos Def into the conversation around these parts I’ve been doing some simple mathematics (that’s a rather 90’s hip hop joke) and concluded that while there have been 5 posts on this site featuring the vocal talents of Lzzy Hale there has actually only ever been one bona-fide Halestorm song. Back in 1907 I posted Uncomfortable from Vultures as it was the latest single and extolled the virtues of the band. More recently I got all excited about their cover of a track from The Kids Are Alright and started farting on about jukeboxes as if they were the Doctors TARDIS again. Then there was the Trilogy of featuring Lzzy tracks (featuring The HU of not The Who) that just got finished yesterday.

Yesterday’s tricolor banner was a Lzzy Skull Warhol Tribute.

There’s a fair whack of female lead heavy rock on SFTD. Not because it’s a trope. It’s because there’s a lot of great rock music about. And lo and behold there’s just as much made by women as there is by fellas. One band who are absent from SFTD but entirely responsible for massive influence in Halestorm, Spiritbox and a bunch of other bands that I get regularly excited about are Evanescence. Amy Lee is an iconic noughies Nu-metal survivor. Her band have weathered the storm since it was wall to wall baggy jeans and wallet chains far better then most of their contemporaries. Probably because they were never really actually part of that scene. Bring Me To Life and My Immortal flirted with goth as much as they did Linkin Park tuning and early Marvel movie crossover soundtrack behavior. Fallen was a million years ago in pop music terms, or three Spider-Man’s ago in dog years.

Only five long players in almost 20 years might seems a slight body of work but the fan service delivered by Amy and the band has seen them endure in such a way that many of those who found them in their first flush of youth sub culture stay loyal. They didn’t chase trends, get weird new haircuts and fuff about with synths. They kept making Disney Goth Pop Metal and helping folks in black tees and nose piercings feel the feelies (not the band The Feelies, they should remain unmolested unless they consent).

So I’m setting the balance a little more straight with A Halestorm track featuring the vocalist who has been around long enough now for her influence to start to seep through in even the biggest other names on the scene. You can tell Lzzy is chuffed to be in the booth with Amy. And vice versa. I recently saw Lilith Czar get totally jazzed on twitter because Amy had playlisted one of her new albums songs on her radio show. Courtney from Spiritbox was fangirling all over the shop on her podcast when Amy came on. Rockers supporting rockers is a beautiful thing. Check out Good For A Girl if you haven’t already. I think the day will come when Corklez has Lzzy on pretty soon.

Reimagined was an EP the band put out in 2020 to raise funds to support their Road Crew (Another backstage pass for you, another tube of superglue) . Five of the bands songs reworked in a stripped back acoustic format. We know Lzzy can do acoustic. Heart Of Novacaine, The Picturebooks collab (look it was only a couple of days ago, keep up) but shes usually still a powerhouse. Amy has a tenderness. A well phrased operatic genteel nature that lets rip when required. Lzzy is more full steam ahead usually. On Break In (2020) she is watching and taking her cues from her hero. The slow low take on a tune usually MORE in every way is a revelation. Real songs are built up from a good tune and something to say. Reimagined proves this metal band have always had plenty somethings to say as well as a way to say it. The EP also featured a cover of Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You for some reason. An attempt perhaps to free a tune kidnapped by Whitney and her warble and release it back into the wild. Maybe a legit tribute to the riggers, techs, mixers and drivers who got Halestorm to the show year in year out. You do get the impression with Halestorm the whole crew is IN the band.

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